Arsenal Season Review 2011-12 : The Broad Picture

Desi Gunner

Hello all. I am back from the wilderness and from a very pleasant and memorable trip. Yellowstone is just a breathtaking place in so many ways and we were very lucky with the weather as well. Mendocino too was great fun as we went there with a close friend and his family. Don’t know how but I managed to pick up a flu bug soon after returning and that’s kept me down for the last couple of days. Seems to be getting better now so it’s time to focus on the season review series. But first a Thank You goes out to Martin Fulop and a belated happy St. Totteringham’s day to all readers. And just in case you haven’t seen it, ArsenalVision’s photo special on the subject and the related media coverage throughout the season is an absolute must see.

Moving forward, I guess few will forget 2011-12 in…

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