Chilling in Byron Bay, Australia


When driving along the Australian Pacific Highway it is hard to picture the towns that lie on either side of the harsh bitumen. They are tucked away behind the dull green and dried yellowy brown foliage that represents the hinterland. The smell of fresh bushland and raw bark float in the air.

Duranbah, Pottsville, Crabbes Creek and Brunswick Heads are coming up, but cannot be seen through the lush growth. Taking an exit about 175km south of Brisbane; the landscape begins to change from rural bushland to small shacks, scattered corner stores and an abundance of restaurants and shops. The smell of sea salt lingers in the air conditioning; the beach is very near.

This is Byron Bay, a small bit of paradise in the northern part of New South Wales, Australia: a unique town where bush meets coast without any hiccups in the transition.

“It was pretty painful hey…

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