Chocolate by the bald man


I was never a very big fan of chocolate.. it’s your fault Max!  I had to come all the way to the other side of the globe and the southern hemisphere to found you on the vivid main street of Newtown in Sydney. Ahh, the addictive combination of waffles, sweet strawberries, hot chocolate shots and melting vanilla ice cream.. this was the first love, definitely. And unlike in real life with real relationships, I can always go back to my first love, to Max Brenner’s dream world and get lost in an immersive love affair..No one will accuse me with cheating!


Max Brenner awakens all your senses. Encourages you to not only view chocolate as a solely gourmet product but invites you to SMELL, SEE, LISTEN, TASTE and FEEL the chocolate. Embrace the object of your fantasies in your hugmug, a mug (see above) specifically designed for the chocolate drinking ceremony, shaped for hugging in both…

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