Don’t Know About Crazy But Fanatic Sure Is Close


Today’s post is not the usual blog but is the entry for “Are You One of Crazies” competition organised by Carlsberg, Nuffnang and Churp Churp. Here goes.

I would readily admit that I’m one who’s crazy about football, if not the craziest. I guess there’s no better place to start than how it began. It begs the question, of all sports, why football? I got hooked when I was still just barely 10 years old. It was an English FA Cup semi final match in 1991 which enthralled a bright eyed boy in Malaysia. One of the teams that played in that fateful match became the love of my life.

While I didn’t exactly went into it full force, my passion was nevertheless fired up. I began scouring the local newspapers for that little bit of news regarding football and especially the team they call The Arsenal. Back then, I…

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