Ezo Gelin Soup – Ezo the Bride Soup


Now that the cold weather has well and truly set in, I’ve whipped out the slow cooker and am looking to expand my hearty soup repertoire. One of my favourites from my time in Turkey, is Ezo Gelin soup, Ezo the Bride’s soup.

Legend has it that a beautiful woman names Ezo lived in the east of Turkey in the early 20th century. She had ruby-red lips and jet-black hair and was admired by the many nomads who passed through her village on the silk trading route. Her family had high hopes for her marriage.

Unfortunately, for all her admirers, poor Ezo didn’t do too well in the marriage department. She divorced her first husband after he fell for another woman. Her second husband took her to Syria where she suffered terribly from homesickness and fell prey to an over-bearing, difficult-to-please Mother-in-Law. It is supposedly for her that Ezo created…

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