May 26th Anfield ’89. 23 years on still the greatest league finish

Gambeano Snitch AFC

Given today is the anniversary of that great night at Anfield in ’89 I thought I would share with you one of my previous posts recalling my memory of that great night:

Arsenal had a feature a couple of years ago to celebrate Arsenal’s emphatic win at Anfield in ’89

They invited Arsenal fans to recall their memories of that great night by emailing their recollections and a few were selected and published on the site.

I was lucky to have my memory published.

Have a read.. have a laugh

post in all its glory:


Michael Thomas’ goal was a defining moment in defining my love for Arsenal and cementing me as an Arsenal fan. I was around 11 at the time and considered myself an arsenal fan but coming from a household that wasn’t full of football fans I wasn’t as engulfed in football as some of my friends at school…

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