Taking Care

It is mexerica season again.  Brazilian grocery stores sell these all year, but I think the best time to eat them is during the winter.    They seem sweeter and more juicy.   Mexerias are tangerines, but with a much more floral scent and fewer seeds than tangerines I ate at home.  They have this beautiful aroma that you can smell even if they are just sitting out in a kitchen bowl.  Citrusy, floral and fresh.

Usually, I eat them straight up.  They are so great for snacks at work.  However, I am going to try making a few of my favorite orange-flavored desserts with mexericas.  Mexerica and vanilla chip cookies, and fresh mexerica cake with mexerica buttercream sound delicious to me.

Here is a bit of information about mexericas in Portuguese.  According to this link, China, Spain and Brazil are the three largest producers of mexericas in the world.  I…

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