Soya and linseed bread


Freshly baked (and still warm as I type):

Good crunchy crust and great texture with softened rolled oats and linseed inside. Also mix of wholemeal and white bread flour and made with soya milk.  Recipe from Dan Lepard’s Short and sweet.

Had it for breakfast, still hot so that butter melted into it. I love all sorts of things for breakfast but nothing can really beat freshly baked bread with butter.

Also posting a couple of pictures from a long walk yesterday, 11 miles or so of the Capital Ring going anti-clockwise from Clissold Park in Stoke Newington and up to Hampstead Garden Suburb, taking in Finsbury Park, walking along a disused railway line between Finsbury Park and Highgate – which I never knew existed, then Highgate woods, Cherry Tree wood, across Lyttleton Playing Fields, then left the Capital Ring path, walked through Big Wood and finally down across Hampstead…

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