Thai for Sunday Lunch :D


Met Momsky at the Mall for some ‘window shopping’ and cake last Friday. Lucky me, we ended up doing not just  ‘window shopping’ but also ‘actual shopping’—WEEKEND STAR 1

WEEKEND STAR 2: Come Sunday, my Family  decided to celebrate my Grandpa’s 79th birthday (had he still been living 🙂 ) in Greenhills. My Dad’s diabetic so whenever in Greenhills, we’d normally have lunch at Mann Hann for their Ampalaya con Carne (ampalaya lowers sugar levels). I haven’t been there in ages so I was quite surprised that the old Mann Hann location is Mann Hann no more and now replaced with a new Thai resto called Soi. We had a go for a change of taste and here’s what we ordered:

For Appetizers: Fried Spring Rolls , Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

For Main Course: Crab meat Fried Rice, Singaporean Pad Thai noodles, Fire-Pot Seafood Tom-Yam, Satay…

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