U.S.A. vs. Scotland – May 26, 2012

The 93rd Minute

Well this was nothing but a fantastic game for the United States. After the national anthem performance of course which… I really rather not get into. It seems Jurgen Klinsmann is settled into his role as coach of the USMNT and it’s showing. The United States came out to a lighting start with a goal from Landon Donovan in the 4th minute followed by a stunning goal by Bradley off the half-volley in the 11th. Scotland rebounded to make in 2-1 by the fifteenth minute (an own goal by Jeff Cameron) but that’s as close as they would come. Landon Donovan finished with a pocketful of goals (3) and the U.S. can look back at the best performance I’ve seen from them yet.

With no intention of presenting an unbiased account of this one, it was great to see some creativity in the United States midfield combined with a tenacious…

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