contrasting lives

subtle titillation

contrasting lives by killah.poopface
contrasting lives, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

i’ve been pretty down on the suburbs where i’ve been working and now that school is over, realized that it was because i wasn’t accepting them for what they are. i wanted city life! but i don’t work in a city so…fighting it never helps anything feel good. also i was using most of my breaks for school work, so now that i have more time to actually explore the suburbs, i’ve realized there is something great to appreciate there: parks and open space and flowers!

i was walking around every day in this crappy sidewalk-less area by my work in an effort not to go totally crazy. now that i finally have accepted (woohoo) the fact that i have to drive to get to a place where i can walk around happily and safely and enjoy gorgeous flowers and trees…

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