Humans follow, Just like Sheep…

Caveman Col

I love it when people discover I follow a Paleo/Ketogenic diet. I get all the usual questions but the most common one is…
“Well, if you don’t eat Bread, Rice, Pasta, Sugar or Drink Milk, what the hell do you eat”?
(because lets face it… without those four wonderful items we’d all starve immediately right?🙂 WRONG…)

I have been a follower of conventional wisdom my entire life, pretty much did what everyone else does…. ‘Followed’… Just Like Sheep do…

But then sometime last year I started to question ‘the norm’… Why do we eat cornflakes and have toast in the morning? Why a Salad sandwich and Fruit Salad for lunch?

High sheeps
High sheeps (Photo credit: Bertoz)

Its amazing how detached from food us humans have become, just pop down to Woolworths and… get some Grain fed Beef with all the fat nicely trimmed, boxed mashed potatoes, just add boiling water, frozen Veges… or worse still just…

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