Laurie Hogin


26/5/12 – Pink Skull Monkey, 2004

I continued to read the Cute & Creepy catalogue from the Florida State University: Museum of Fine Arts. The catalogue also mentions an artist known as Laurie Hogin and Carrie Baade also highlights the bold and vibrant creature within the middle of the image, which contrasts with the skull on the left hand side.

Baade argues that the bright pink creature and the skull become a “deathly kitsch”, which also questions capitalism and commercialisation within the contemporary culture. One could argue that the creature’s lively gestures and the skull’s animated grin creates a very dynamic juxtaposition, which allows the viewer’s gaze to gravitate from one subject to the other.

According to the Cute & Creepy website, Laurie Hogin emphasises the use of colour in her work, which are evident within mass production and the consumer culture.  One could argue that products such as Barbie…

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