Monday greens (because I don’t do Monday blues)


It’s Monday morning. To some people, this signals little more than the end of their short-lived two days of freedom and the start of five long days at work. That’s how I used to live too. But not anymore. Now, every day is a good day to be outdoors. Sure, I have a day job that requires me to spend long hours at an office desk from Monday to Friday. But that’s only one part of my life; the hours between 4:30am and 7:30am are mine to use for my own pleasure.

This morning I have to drop Mum’s ute back at her place. It’s also near Bayview Conservation Park so I take my mountain bike so that I can ride it home. I am starting to feel a cold coming on so I decide to take it easy. If I hadn’t needed to drop the ute off I might…

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