Stuffed Shells and Semi-from-Scratch Marinara Sauce

Kitchen Mommy

I’m not fond of dishes that require a lot of fussy labor.  Recipes that require rolling, kneading, or stuffing, usually do not make it onto my “must try” list.  That said, every cooking rule I make for myself, is made to be broken.  These shells are worth the five minutes it takes to stuff them with this rich, cheesy filling.  The only problem is how quickly they disappear.  You won’t have leftovers to enjoy.

If you have any interest in making your own marinara instead of buying one of the many yummy varieties on your grocery store shelves, this recipe is a great starting point for you.  You’ll save time and energy making it by not chopping and pureeing fresh tomatoes.  Instead, you get to use a couple jumbo cans of crushed tomatoes.  Big time-saver!

This recipe makes a half stockpot-full, so you have plenty for your stuffed shells and plenty for a pizza a couple…

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