This project was totally entertaining because there are many aspects contained in this project. The favorite part of the project is that I get to draw an object that I greatly like and that symbolizes us. I am glad that this project is not only a chance to express us, but also a chance to improve our skills. Since there are many products that came out from this, I was able to see the strength and the weakness of my artistic skills.

We did a lot of rough drafts and while doing them, I reflected myself to change any flaws that can ruin my artwork. As a fixed the flaws, it got better and better where it reached to the point where I got actually satisfied.

1st process: Choose object
2nd process: Rough Drafts (compositions, etc)
3rd process: Draw them with sharpie
4th process: Add on contemporary colors
5th process: Add on patterns to make it look more interesting
6th process: Copy them into four little templates and use different variation of colors to make it attractive


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