How to appeal audience!

How to appeal audience!

This project is probably the “biggest” project that I did in high school. The project was based on the core values in KIS and our job was to make a poster that can advertise the meaning of it.

I chose the word adaptability because I thought that the concept of word is essential for individuals to realize because it is necessary when we go to society.

The process was pretty straight forward. We first drew several thumbnails in order to choose the best idea possible. It took a while to paste all the plus signs and the letters but overall, the outcome was successful.

From this project, I learned the importance of the thumbnails and the compositions. I hope knowledge and experience I gained from this experience will embrace my future projects.




This project was totally entertaining because there are many aspects contained in this project. The favorite part of the project is that I get to draw an object that I greatly like and that symbolizes us. I am glad that this project is not only a chance to express us, but also a chance to improve our skills. Since there are many products that came out from this, I was able to see the strength and the weakness of my artistic skills.

We did a lot of rough drafts and while doing them, I reflected myself to change any flaws that can ruin my artwork. As a fixed the flaws, it got better and better where it reached to the point where I got actually satisfied.

1st process: Choose object
2nd process: Rough Drafts (compositions, etc)
3rd process: Draw them with sharpie
4th process: Add on contemporary colors
5th process: Add on patterns to make it look more interesting
6th process: Copy them into four little templates and use different variation of colors to make it attractive