Fukushima radiation cover-up continues – here’s how to protect yourself

Believe nothing


‘It’s not just Fukushima, though that may be enough. The northern hemisphere especially had been inundated with radioactive fallout by atmospheric nuclear weapons testing from 1950 to 1963. The Nevada testing area alone produced 1200 nuclear explosions that emitted radioactive particles across the USA.

The Chernobyl incident in 1986 affected hundreds of thousands throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. The boom in nuclear reactor power plants had already started and was constantly increasing, along with considerable radiation leaking.’

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Being Materialistic

Dheeraj Gautam

When modern human originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago ,their first triumph was to develop fire.which also became the strongest weapon for modern humans in hunting and also in cooking.that’s how cooking originated with time ,they got the taste of cooking meat in fire which gave them something new and it became a practice for modern human race.

We can safely say that fire was the first modern Technological Development for other words fire was like today’s modern advancement.

Was human then too dependent on fire for their growth or they were too matrialistic in their approach? We can put this scenario in today’s time and we can see what’s happening around easily.lets take an example.we all use cell phones for communication.there was the time when cell phones were big in size and were not easily available.also cell phones were quite expensive then because of there scarcity.very few…

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Bling Bling or God’s Perfection?

Words From There

In the flesh, all men and women analyze their value.  Do I make enough money?  Am I popular enough?  Am I as attractive as I can be?  What do people think of what I do?  The focus of the flesh is always placed on what others think about us.

Now I ask myself, “What value has all that been to me?”  If I were to present myself as beautifully as possible to man, there would still be many who would find plenty to criticize.  And I would be forced to either hate them or go back to make a better try.  In the end, I will get old and of no value to those who set the trends of society.  So I quit trying to please man in that manner.

As is our nature, when we can’t find acceptance in one place we look for it in another.  So I…

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Did you know people on the other side of the world are patterning our minds.


Can we live without being influenced by our surrounding and be an island to ourselves where no outside influence can affect us? I don’t think so. If we believe that we cannot  BUT be influenced by our environment, our culture, our neighbours, our leaders, our religion, our family, our friends  by the media than doesn’t it make sense that we conduct ourselves in such a way that its beneficial to both our society and ourselves? ( or if you like ourselves and our society?).

In my previous posts I mentioned how by interaction with others we are patterning our mind to react or behave in a particular way. But our quality of interaction and the kind of relationship we have with each other is dependent on the kind of cultures and societies we live in. This means our cultures and social structures can activate and pattern our minds, too. In…

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