Kicking a ball


Kicking a ball feels great.

It feels like I am kicking my stress away! When I am having a hard time doing something, I imagine kicking a ball.

I miss my soccer season… it ended a month ago but it feels like it ended a year ago 😦 can’t wait till next year! ❤




Can you imagine a world that you are living by yourself?

So many things are going on around us, it is hard to keep track of them…

Just concentrate on one thing, then you will achieve what you want more faster and easier.

Be yourself!

Hi! My name is Reece and I am very satisfied with my work (above)!

You might think that I am not a good artist, but I actually am.

Don’t care about what others say… if you are satisfied with yourself, then be happy!

This world is all about you! not others. 😉


Which side?

There are two types of people: pessimistic and optimistic.

What type of person are you? If you don’t know, have a look at that picture.

What do you see? reflection of light or the shadow?



Perhaps, waiting is the hardest thing to do. It really depends who you are.

It’s really frustrating sometimes… but lets think of it this way.

What do you tend to do when you wait? stare at the wall? sleep?

We usually think…of something. When do you “think…of something”? Appreciate the time you are waiting.


No Solution: √-𝒊

First thing that will pop to your eye should be the mathematical sign √-𝒊.

Try solving √-𝒊… what is the answer? If you find one, then you probably made a mistake.

There is no solution for that… now lets talk about our life.

There are sometimes in our life when we have no solutions. What we tend to do is to give up because we think that is the only way to go around it. But, think back. There are always solutions for every boundaries you have to face. Never give up.

If that picture reminds of you, then think back. Always.